3.5 inches (9 centimeters)

Reserved for Patricia until 13Jun!!!

There was a little elephant... no, not so-- the smallest baby-elephant named Malysh (means "baby"). And he had a Dream of becoming a ladybug. He secretly shared this dream with me , and I, as a good fairy, just could not refuse him. And now he wants to find a home and a loving family. Maybe it's you?)))

Sewn entirely by hand from German velvet. 
Eyes from glass .
Painted with oil paints. 
5 cotter-pins. 
Arms and legs are flexible due to the frame. 
Elephant is able to stand and sit on their own.
The scarf is not ramovable. 
The height of elephant is 9 cm standing with antennae.

Like all my toys, baby-elephant Malysh made according my original patterns. It done in the premises free from odors ( no Smoking, no Pets). The baby-elephant named Malysh will arrives in a new house in own gift box and in postal box, and he will bring passport of collectible toys. 

Ordering Information:
The travel time of parcels in the country: 
- Europe: 1,5-3 weeks 
- USA: 2-3,5 weeks 
- Canada: 2-4 weeks 
- Australia: 4-6 weeks 
- Italy: 4-9 weeks 
- Rest of World: 2-5 weeks 
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