Completely hand sewn.

Meet, it's Yashka, cheerful and sociable budgerigar-male. He really wants to find a home and beloved master.
The plumage and the growth of the Yashka correspond to the plumage and a growth of the real yellowface budgerigar of Blue mutation. 
* Vintage plush of five color, painted by acrilic.
* Yashka was stitched entirely by hand.
* Legs and head are movable in joints.
* The legs , beak and eyelids stuff is made by me from polymer clay.
* Legs and wings are reinforced with wire.
* Glass eyes, painted by me. 
* Filler: sintepon and glass granulate for weight.
* the beaded bracelet and necklace is not removed.
All my toys I modeled itself, according to its own patterns. Technology of creation of such birds was developed by me and is copyright technology.

The budgerigar Yashka will arrive to new home in the post box, in own gift box and with own passport copyright toy. 

Ordering Information:
The travel time of parcels in the country: 
- Europe: 1,5-3 weeks 
- USA: 2-3,5 weeks 
- Canada: 2-4 weeks 
- Australia: 4-6 weeks 
- Italy: 4-9 weeks 
- Rest of World: 2-5 weeks 

$128.00 USD 

Worldwide   $15.00 USD      
This toy will be sent to you within 48 hours after payment and delivery. After sending the report to track the parcel. Can reserve for 48hours before payment. 
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