I am pleased to present to you Mint Candy!

Mint Candy is a tiny girl sloth,very nice, kind and smiling .
Mint Candy is a baby and she so loves to relax on the handles! 
Mint Candy told me in your ear that she wants to find someone who will love her! 

*Mint Candy sloth entirely by hand sewn from a German viscose. 
*6 cotter pins. 
*Glass eyes, hand painted. 
*Claws, nose and eyelids were cut by me from polymer clay. 
*The legs and arms have a wire frame so that baby sloth can to bend legs and arms.
*Sloth knows how to sit and lie.

Important! The growth of sloth is 10 cm (3.9 inches) sitting.

Mint Candy sloth will come to the new mom in the mail box and the passport (certificate). Mint Candy sloth is a is a collectable toy, OOAK, and accurate will not be repeated. 
Like all my toys, Candy sloth made according my original patterns. It done in the premises free from odors ( no Smoking, no Pets). Candy sloth will arrives in a new house in the postal box, and will brings passport of collectible toys. 

Ordering Information:
The travel time of parcels in the country: 
- Europe: 1,5-3 weeks 
- USA: 2-3,5 weeks 
- Canada: 2-4 weeks 
- Australia: 4-6 weeks 
- Italy: 4-9 weeks 
- Rest of World: 2-5 weeks 
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